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Developing Leadership by Building Skills

INDEVCO Consultancy’s Operational Excellence Academy’s main purpose is to help individuals and organizations succeed in today’s demanding market by offering them a comprehensive range of leadership and technical training programs and courses. Our experienced experts provide recognized certifications and trainings to help improve on-the-job competencies and develop expertise and business knowledge.

We use a blended learning approach that covers in-class and online trainings.

Latest Courses

  • 2020 Incoterms

    The main aim of Incoterms workshop is to define the tasks, costs, and risks associated with the transportation and delivery of products and goods.

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  • Accountability & Change

    In this workshop, you will be able to explore the different leadership competencies and styles. You will learn how to manage change and deal with resistance to change.

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  • Accountability Mindset

    This workshop helps you to understand the accountability impact and to develop personal accountability for the outcome of your choices and actions.

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  • Banks’ Guarantees

    This course introduces banks’ guarantees and gives an overview of their structure.

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  • Boost Your Productivity

    This workshop helps you to boost your productivity by learning and using an effective model. It is an opportunity to reflect on your personal and professional goals and put a plan in place to improve your performance.

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  • Feelings for Professionals

    This workshop is a practical training that aims for a positive transformation by raising the awareness of customer needs, improving skills for dealing with customers, and improving communications and cooperation with other employees. It will certainly lead to an increase in customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

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  • First Step to Corporate Responsibility

    In the 21st century, we are starting to feel the ramifications of our linear economy where we take, make, use and dispose, draining our planet of valuable natural resources and polluting the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the land we live in, threatening entire habitats and driving entire species to extinction, as well as causing the increase in coronaviruses that transfer from animals to humans that wouldn’t normally interact.

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  • First Time Manager

    This workshop is designed specifically for first-time managers, or any person who’d like to improve her/his managerial skills, and aims to provide you with the skills and best practices needed to succeed in your role.

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  • Interviewing Skills

    As an interviewer, your job is to find the best candidate for the position. But with so many qualified applicants, how do you choose?

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  • Payments Methods in the International Trade

    This Course is intended to provide you with a basic overview of international trade payment modes.

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  • Time & Stress Management

    This workshop helps you to improve your planning skills and ability to assess your tasks in order to increase your productivity.

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