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This workshop is a practical training that aims for a positive transformation by raising the awareness of customer needs, improving skills for dealing with customers, and improving communications and cooperation with other employees. It will certainly lead to an increase in customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Skills You will Acquire

Customer service, communication skills, impact and influence

  • Customer Service
  • Communication Skills
  • Impact and Influence

Who Should Attend

Any employee who has direct or indirect contact with customers and wants to improve his or her service level.


1 Day


Course Prerequisites
No prerequisites


Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to caring communication

Module 2: Practice the right approach and techniques

Module 3: Handling problems and complaints






1-day in-class training can be delivered in 3 online sessions.

Module 1: Introduction to caring communication

  • View video dramatizations to illustrate the significance of quality care
  • Analyze personal performance with clients and co-workers
  • Understand how customers and co-workers perceive our attitudes
  • Conduct an inventory of attitudes and practices from the participants’ perspective
  • Develop familiarity with caring and uncaring communication in daily interactions
  • Examine our need for caring communication

Module 2: Practice the right approach and techniques

  • Test grasp of caring and uncaring communication
  • Identify the forms of uncaring communication and understand its consequences
  • Recognize the importance of good and self-care as a requirement of providing quality care
  • Practice the how-to approach to utilizing caring communication with everyone
  • Demonstrate appropriate phone techniques
  • Develop suitable internet communication techniques
  • Master the art of attentive listening
  • Learn how to ask good questions

Module 3: Handling problems and complaints

  • Understand the significance of individual performance to our personal success and the success of the organization
  • Review how continual learning benefits customers and co-workers
  • Know when to make promises and the importance of keeping promises
  • Know how to effectively and efficiently handle problems and complaints
  • Overcome the barriers to providing caring communication


Wissam Mussaed, Learning & Development Manager

Wissam is a certified coach and corporate trainer with over 20 years of experience in the world of people development. His experience spans across education development, designing and delivering behavioral and technical training solutions, as well as teaching undergraduate/graduate IT and business courses. He has worked on developing a robust learning and development system extending across all functions in Egypt, Gulf, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia.

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