Interviewing Skills

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As an interviewer, your job is to find the best candidate for the position. But with so many qualified applicants, how do you choose?


This interactive workshop is designed to assist you in defining how to conduct an interview in line with the existing competencies of a certain job. Using the STAR and probing techniques, you can uncover the behavioral characteristics of candidates and use the collected data to produce qualitative and quantitative reports, which will help in the hiring decision-making process.


By the end of the workshop, you’ll feel confident and equipped to make the right hiring decision for your organization.

Skills You will Acquire

Interviewing, selection, hiring

Who Should Attend

Anyone who wants to gain the skills to conduct a successful interview.


1 Day


Course Prerequisites


Course Outline

Module 1: The interview as a Method of Selection
Module 2: Pre-Interview Steps
Module 3: Conducting the Interview
Module 4: Post Interview Steps




Module 1: The interview as a Method of Selection

• Interviewing
• Untrained Interviewers vs Effective Interviewers
• Interview Guiding Principles
• Problems with Typical Interviews

Module 2: Pre-Interview Steps

• Defining Competencies
• CBI Guide
• Interview: Preparing for the Interview

Module 3: Conducting the Interview

• Structure of an Interview (four stages of an interview)

Module 4: Post Interview Steps
• Classifying and Evaluating Captured Data
• The Selection Decision
• Closing Process


Fadi Younes, Talent Acquisition Manager

Fadi Younes is an intuitive executive with nearly 25 years’ experience in procurement and recruitment, serving over 20 operations in Egypt, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia. He has a keen eye for quality,
from selecting reliable and quality suppliers for procurement, to identifying and scouting talented
recruits to enrich the corporate culture. He is certified in ‘Resource Management, Recruitment &
Talent Planning’ and ‘Advanced Competency-Based Recruitment & Selection’.

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